October 2, 2009

The Harsh Truth About Internet Marketing

Surveys have shown that 85% of Americans are eager to make money online and work from home. However of these 85% most do not dive into making money online for 4 main reasons:

1-The amount of money that is needed to start and maintain their business.
2-The amount of time which they will have to put into their business.
3-The risks associated with starting your own business.
4-The lack of knowledge on how to start a business online and where to get started. 

Then there are those that actually do make the jump to start their Internet Marketing Business. Of these individuals 97% of them fail within the first year. The reason behind this is the lack of knowledge and myths associated with starting your own Internet Marketing Business.

The number one reason Internet Marketers fail within the first year is the myth that you only need to spend 2-4 hours a day to reach success.
This is nothing more than a myth, especially when you are just starting out. However, there are ways around this. If you have the money you can hire someone to do this work for you. However, I will tell you from close friend's experiences that this is very costly and you are not always involved in the decision making processes. 
When just starting out you are in one of two places: (1) you think you know everything there is to know or (2) you have no idea where to get started. Focusing on the first: "It's a dangerous thing when we think we know everything." While you may know the basics, I can promise you that you don't know it all. Who does? Not even the top earners know it all. When first starting out you will NEED, well actually you MUST have the best training and coaching available to you. Both myself and other top earners in the Internet Marketing Industry are part of extensive up to date training and one on one coaching that is there full time for all of our needs. Even myself a top 6 figure earner cannot keep up with the changes that occur within the marketing industry. To learn more click here. 

Stick with programs that promote learning/education or building systems that will help your business.
This is where your blinders need to come up, especially as a newbie to the Internet Marketing industry. Unless the program is about learning or building your business, avoid it at all costs. Instead of being suckered into the most catchy sounding opportunity, research it. Go to forums and chats and ask around if this product and or service is worth your hard earned money, time, and effort. Don't ever just take a marketer's word for it. Frankly, most Marketers just want a sale and don't care about you personally. Both myself and other top earners within the Internet Marketing Industry are members of a high ranking trustworthy company. This company allows us up-to-date training, one on one coaching, webinars, and best of all targeted leads for our own personal primary businesses. All this while making extra money at the same time. Want to learn more click here. 

Becoming overwhelmed with information.
When first starting out it's safe to say that you are not an Internet Marketing "expert."  So what's the first thing that most newbies do? They search the web. While this can be useful for the most advanced marketers. This will be confusing and misleading to you. It's just too much information being thrown at you. This is especially true due to the fact that every marketer has their own path to success, their own way of how they made it to success. Some examples may include marketing through Social Networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc...), writing blogs, writing articles, affiliate marketing, etc..... When overloaded with so much information you are set up for failure. You close the book and move onto another chapter in your life leaving Internet Marketing behind. Being a member of the training course which I am involved with I don't have to worry about this. I get all the training I need in one place. Written in plain English. Easy to follow easy to understand. Best of all if I still have questions I get right on the phone with my mentor and he guides me through everything I need to know. Having such a great mentor over the years and building that trust and friendship, we are now partner coaches that help others to succeed. Want to know more???????

For any product and or service that you invest in make sure you are getting adequate support for your questions and a money back guarantee.
This again is where you need your blinders up to garbage. It's amazing how many companies will hype themselves up so much to get you to buy what could be garbage. This can result in a waste of your time and money, setting you back further from your goals in making money online. Don't waste your time with this click here to learn how you can get the best training, make extra money and start for only a $1.00. Full money back guarantee, one on one training and so much more.  

The newbies that fail to take action right away.
When I first started my journey in Internet Marketing, I cut myself short of earning money right away. I searched and searched for all the free training and education I could find pertaining to starting my own business online. I spent months flooding myself with useless, endless information. It got so bad that I opted into hundred's of websites to obtain free information which ended up in thousands of emails a week. I had a hard drive that was full of every marketer's "key" to success. Just as I was going to give up I met my mentor and coach Josh Paiva. He introduced me to a program that offered all the training I was seeking, targeted lead generation, endless resources, and best of all I called him 24/7 for any problems or questions that I had. Josh was such an inspiration to me that I immediately joined for a $1.00 and became a success within three weeks. I now work along side Josh as an Internet Marketing Coach to help others to achieve their dreams of making money online. While we think that we can do things on our own remember this "We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone- we find it with another."-Thomas Merton

Don't let yourself be the 85% that doesn't even attempt to take the first step to making money online. And please, please do not be the 97% that takes the leap but fails.
  • An economist by the name of Paul Zane Pilzer said, "Between the years of 2006 & 2016, the network marketing industry will produce 10 million new millionaires. " 
  • Donald Trump said, "Knowing what he knows now, if he had a chance to do it all over again he would have started by doing network marketing."
So I ask you, are you going to be one of those new millionaires??
Come join Josh, Myself and many others who have taken the most important step in making your online business succeed. Click here to join.

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