October 29, 2009

Get Your Websites Ranked with SEO – Search Engine Optimization

The biggest stumbling block that both new and established Internet businesses are facing is traffic and leads. Most don’t know that this starts with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Think of it this way: Do you have a website that is not ranking high within the search engines? Do you want to get your website seen at the top of these search engines like Yahoo, Alexa, Google, Bing, etc..?

Are you unsure how? You need a professional SEO provider to optimize your keywords for both search engines and visitors. SEO is your #1 key to success. Think about it, how do you expect to bring prospects to you via email, etc…., without your website being seen? You may as well not even have a business if you’re not being seen. You are losing so much money and time. You need to be focusing on your website ranking in the top pages within the search engines in order to be seen by your targeted prospects. Otherwise you are like one in a million other sites that will be clicked on simply by chance or not even at all and definitely not by your targeted prospects. While this may seem simple, there are so many factors that fall into play concerning SEO and the appropriate way to go about this.

For example: suppose you have a website where people can find homes to rent. Generally speaking people will search for “rent homes” or “owners of rented homes.” We supply SEO services that put together your web pages in a “friendly" format so that the search engines robots without compromising the significance of your messages to your targeted visitors. This is done with a precise methodical SEO process that optimizes every single page of your website. For instance using Google, there are 93,100,000 individual listings for “rent homes”. Having 10 listings per page, this in turn means that there are 9,310,000 pages with 10 listings on each. Now if you were to look up “owners of rented homes” there is less, but still Google has 56,400,000 individual listings with 5,640,000 pages.

It doesn't take much to see that these first pages are the companies that are receiving the high traffic and in turn a profitable business. This is what our masterminds at Top Quality Ranking strive for with the SEO services that we provide. We are here to make you rank within the top of the search engines. We help the websites that are failing to fall within the first spots of the ranking pages by turning your invisible website into a highly visible website within the directory listings through our professional SEO Services.

SEO is a complex, comprehensive method that requires a profound understanding of how the top search engines establish directory ranking among sites. Your website text must have the appropriate number of keywords and key phrases; the copy itself must also be significant for both the search engines and to help your targeted visitors take the next step. It doesn’t just stop there. There are many other factors that come into play like: “links” to and from published articles, blogs, news releases—and much, much more. Along with this your website must have the proper Meta Tags, HTML and headers. In addition to what is listed above, we keep a consistent close eye out for any changes within the algorithms that search engines use to evaluate websites and we NEVER recommend or suggest that our clients utilize cloaking, search engine spam or any other such ‘black hat’ techniques. This is what some use to try to ‘trick’ the search engine robots.

I’m sure now that you have read all of this you are anxious and ready to ‘stand out’ from the crowd on the top search engine directories. Call us now and don’t wait as you don’t want to cut yourself short. We will do a FREE thorough analysis of your website that will reveal its weaknesses thus helping you to make the changes that will make every page on your site “search engine friendly.” I’m sure your next question is once you use our services and rank within the top pages of the search engines, how will you maintain this? We do this for you! We stay updated on all factors that come into play and make sure you maintain your position that you so rightly deserve. Call us now, don’t wait.

Check out some of the testimonials from our site at: http://topqualityranking.com/seo-testimonials. You can contact me directly by email at lindsay@topqualityranking.com and by calling 805-291-2216.

Looking forward to driving tons of targeted traffic to your websites!

Lindsay Bailey

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