October 3, 2009

Evolv Updates

If you missed last night's call I wanted to fill you in on the news and updates pertaining to the shipping and production of Evolv Water.

OCT 5TH - 14TH (until midnight CST): is the time permitting conversion of pre-enroll status to an Evolv Member Distributor. Initial orders and Business Builder orders may be placed during this time. Simply meaning, the more you share and get people to pre-enroll NOW, the higher your first paycheck will be in Oct! To pre-enroll today, go to: http://EvolvForLife.com

OCT 15TH - OCT 18TH: is a lock-down period. At this time NO orders or registrations are processed. Evolv will be building and compressing the binary genealogy. Compression is what happens when a distributor is not eligible or active – the commissions roll up to the next eligible one in the up-line.

OCT 19TH: WE GO LIVE! Ordering and Evolv Member Distributor registration processing will resume again.

HURRY - FREE Pre enroll today. You only have 2 days left. Enroll at: http://lindsaya.myevolv.biz/

Be sure and check out the ArchaeaActive website: http://www.ArchaeaActive.com for the science behind Evolv, as well as, the initial Research reports from MD Anderson Cancer Center and FutureCeuticals Inc. I'm sure you will be blow away as I have been.

Go Ahead And Evolv Yourself Today!!!! Don't miss out!!!

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