October 29, 2009

Get Your Websites Ranked with SEO – Search Engine Optimization

The biggest stumbling block that both new and established Internet businesses are facing is traffic and leads. Most don’t know that this starts with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Think of it this way: Do you have a website that is not ranking high within the search engines? Do you want to get your website seen at the top of these search engines like Yahoo, Alexa, Google, Bing, etc..?

Are you unsure how? You need a professional SEO provider to optimize your keywords for both search engines and visitors. SEO is your #1 key to success. Think about it, how do you expect to bring prospects to you via email, etc…., without your website being seen? You may as well not even have a business if you’re not being seen. You are losing so much money and time. You need to be focusing on your website ranking in the top pages within the search engines in order to be seen by your targeted prospects. Otherwise you are like one in a million other sites that will be clicked on simply by chance or not even at all and definitely not by your targeted prospects. While this may seem simple, there are so many factors that fall into play concerning SEO and the appropriate way to go about this.

For example: suppose you have a website where people can find homes to rent. Generally speaking people will search for “rent homes” or “owners of rented homes.” We supply SEO services that put together your web pages in a “friendly" format so that the search engines robots without compromising the significance of your messages to your targeted visitors. This is done with a precise methodical SEO process that optimizes every single page of your website. For instance using Google, there are 93,100,000 individual listings for “rent homes”. Having 10 listings per page, this in turn means that there are 9,310,000 pages with 10 listings on each. Now if you were to look up “owners of rented homes” there is less, but still Google has 56,400,000 individual listings with 5,640,000 pages.

It doesn't take much to see that these first pages are the companies that are receiving the high traffic and in turn a profitable business. This is what our masterminds at Top Quality Ranking strive for with the SEO services that we provide. We are here to make you rank within the top of the search engines. We help the websites that are failing to fall within the first spots of the ranking pages by turning your invisible website into a highly visible website within the directory listings through our professional SEO Services.

SEO is a complex, comprehensive method that requires a profound understanding of how the top search engines establish directory ranking among sites. Your website text must have the appropriate number of keywords and key phrases; the copy itself must also be significant for both the search engines and to help your targeted visitors take the next step. It doesn’t just stop there. There are many other factors that come into play like: “links” to and from published articles, blogs, news releases—and much, much more. Along with this your website must have the proper Meta Tags, HTML and headers. In addition to what is listed above, we keep a consistent close eye out for any changes within the algorithms that search engines use to evaluate websites and we NEVER recommend or suggest that our clients utilize cloaking, search engine spam or any other such ‘black hat’ techniques. This is what some use to try to ‘trick’ the search engine robots.

I’m sure now that you have read all of this you are anxious and ready to ‘stand out’ from the crowd on the top search engine directories. Call us now and don’t wait as you don’t want to cut yourself short. We will do a FREE thorough analysis of your website that will reveal its weaknesses thus helping you to make the changes that will make every page on your site “search engine friendly.” I’m sure your next question is once you use our services and rank within the top pages of the search engines, how will you maintain this? We do this for you! We stay updated on all factors that come into play and make sure you maintain your position that you so rightly deserve. Call us now, don’t wait.

Check out some of the testimonials from our site at: http://topqualityranking.com/seo-testimonials. You can contact me directly by email at lindsay@topqualityranking.com and by calling 805-291-2216.

Looking forward to driving tons of targeted traffic to your websites!

Lindsay Bailey

October 10, 2009

Are You Making Money On The Internet?

Do you ever wonder how people like me and other top earners are making so much money on the Internet? For those of you who know me personally, you have seen me go from working at a Durable Medical Equipment Corporation as a Medical Biller making decent money to working at home on the Internet making great money.  Their first question is how do I replicate you? How do I make the kind of money that you have been able to make? How can I get away from my 9-5 and spend more time with my family? 

First, I have to tell you that when I first starting in the Internet business world; it wasn’t easy and or handed to me. It requires some work especially when starting out. However, once on auto pilot, you sit back and watch the money roll in. Have you ever heard the saying," There may be nothing sadder than people who spend their lives talking about what might have happened?" You cannot sit back and expect to generate money on the internet by doing little or no work. Blah! Blah! Blah! My lecture is done. How would you like me to show you how you can start to receive the money that you so want and so deserve?

To start on your journey to success, join me and many others in the upcoming seminar hosted by Marshall Sylver. “Do you know what Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, Tom Hopkins, Suze Orman and Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Bill Clinton, Zig Ziglar, Paul Pilznar and many others all have in common?" They all shared the stage with Marshall Sylver. 

Donald Trump once said, "Knowing what he knows now, if he had a chance to do it all over again, he would have started by doing network marketing." 

Economist Paul Zane Pilzer said that between the years of 2006 & 2016, home based businesses will produce 10 million new millionaires.

 By attending Marshall Sylver’s Turning Point seminar you will learn the most comprehensive self-development strategies while learning how to reprogram your mind to reach your dreams and aspirations of becoming the next success on the Internet. You will also be shown the simple plan on how to make the kind of money that top earners and myself are making.

How would you like to work side by side with Marshall Sylver to help others achieve their dreams while being tremendously rewarded for your efforts? Because I’m partners with Marshall Sylver, I can offer you this seminar at a significant discount. These tickets are to attend Marshall Sylver's Turning Point Seminar that can be used for any future event.  The next one is being held in Phoenix, AZ and the link for this event is listed here.

The regular cost for the Turning Point seminar tickets are $3,000. I can get these for you for $1,000. That's a savings of $2,000! Marshall Sylver is one of the most world renowned hypnotists and professional speakers whose tickets can range as high as $30,000 for a one on one session. However, Marshall understands that not all of us can afford this price, so that is why he has offered his partners like me to give these tickets away at a fraction of the cost of $1,000 each. The greatest part is that you can bring one person with you for free. That's only $500 a piece! The only drawback is that I only have so many tickets that I can get a hold of at this price. 
After reading this, I know some of you are thinking that I just want you to go through my affiliate link so that I can make a profit, and while that may be the ultimate outcome, that is not my purpose or intention. My purpose in life is to help other's find success and happiness. I truly believe that this is your first step for both financial freedom and your individual growth towards happiness.

Let's discuss the BONUSES for attending the seminar. First of all, I get the privilege to meet you personally and grow that personal relationship with you. You also get to see this live event for an entire weekend with one person of your choice at your side to experience this life changing seminar. In addition, you will receive $1000 in training materials and resources that will literally change your life and rub off on others around you to grow strong healthy relationships both in the business world and your personal life. BEST of all you will be offered the opportunity to work alongside Marshall Sylver and begin your journey towards making what the top earners make. Now consider you pay $1000, which is $500 a piece, and each of you get $1000 in training materials. This means you actually gained $1000. Exciting!!!
So, really what are you waiting for? At least give yourself the chance to see what great opportunity I am talking about. 

If you still have questions or concerns please feel free to contact me any time at 805-291-2216. I am here to help you reach your goals to being the next success on the Internet.

Lindsay Bailey

October 8, 2009

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Thousands have joined the online offline community, have you?

Learn how you can be featured for F. R. E. E. in front of an anticipated live audience of 3000 people and another 10,000 on the live webcast Nov. 6th.

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I hope to see you there.

October 3, 2009

The Oppurtunity All America's Talking About

Evolv is a new life sciences company that has created a compelling product tested by The University of Texas MD Anderson Center in Houston. The company is launching its product via a direct sales model. This creates an opportunity for you, me and those we know to join as first-movers, ahead of others, before the company actually launches.

Once you learn about Evolv and get excited about the opportunity, I think you will want to Pre-Enroll. Pre-enrolling is free, just takes a minute and will position you into the system instantly.

To find out more about Evolv, please visit my personal website: http://lindsaya.myevolv.biz. You will find videos and information on Evolv, the product and the business opportunity. Once enrolled, you will also be emailed a personal Welcome Message and a customized version of this email to send to your friends and potential enrollees.

Have questions call me 805-291-2216

Evolv Updates

If you missed last night's call I wanted to fill you in on the news and updates pertaining to the shipping and production of Evolv Water.

OCT 5TH - 14TH (until midnight CST): is the time permitting conversion of pre-enroll status to an Evolv Member Distributor. Initial orders and Business Builder orders may be placed during this time. Simply meaning, the more you share and get people to pre-enroll NOW, the higher your first paycheck will be in Oct! To pre-enroll today, go to: http://EvolvForLife.com

OCT 15TH - OCT 18TH: is a lock-down period. At this time NO orders or registrations are processed. Evolv will be building and compressing the binary genealogy. Compression is what happens when a distributor is not eligible or active – the commissions roll up to the next eligible one in the up-line.

OCT 19TH: WE GO LIVE! Ordering and Evolv Member Distributor registration processing will resume again.

HURRY - FREE Pre enroll today. You only have 2 days left. Enroll at: http://lindsaya.myevolv.biz/

Be sure and check out the ArchaeaActive website: http://www.ArchaeaActive.com for the science behind Evolv, as well as, the initial Research reports from MD Anderson Cancer Center and FutureCeuticals Inc. I'm sure you will be blow away as I have been.

Go Ahead And Evolv Yourself Today!!!! Don't miss out!!!

October 2, 2009

The Harsh Truth About Internet Marketing

Surveys have shown that 85% of Americans are eager to make money online and work from home. However of these 85% most do not dive into making money online for 4 main reasons:

1-The amount of money that is needed to start and maintain their business.
2-The amount of time which they will have to put into their business.
3-The risks associated with starting your own business.
4-The lack of knowledge on how to start a business online and where to get started. 

Then there are those that actually do make the jump to start their Internet Marketing Business. Of these individuals 97% of them fail within the first year. The reason behind this is the lack of knowledge and myths associated with starting your own Internet Marketing Business.

The number one reason Internet Marketers fail within the first year is the myth that you only need to spend 2-4 hours a day to reach success.
This is nothing more than a myth, especially when you are just starting out. However, there are ways around this. If you have the money you can hire someone to do this work for you. However, I will tell you from close friend's experiences that this is very costly and you are not always involved in the decision making processes. 
When just starting out you are in one of two places: (1) you think you know everything there is to know or (2) you have no idea where to get started. Focusing on the first: "It's a dangerous thing when we think we know everything." While you may know the basics, I can promise you that you don't know it all. Who does? Not even the top earners know it all. When first starting out you will NEED, well actually you MUST have the best training and coaching available to you. Both myself and other top earners in the Internet Marketing Industry are part of extensive up to date training and one on one coaching that is there full time for all of our needs. Even myself a top 6 figure earner cannot keep up with the changes that occur within the marketing industry. To learn more click here. 

Stick with programs that promote learning/education or building systems that will help your business.
This is where your blinders need to come up, especially as a newbie to the Internet Marketing industry. Unless the program is about learning or building your business, avoid it at all costs. Instead of being suckered into the most catchy sounding opportunity, research it. Go to forums and chats and ask around if this product and or service is worth your hard earned money, time, and effort. Don't ever just take a marketer's word for it. Frankly, most Marketers just want a sale and don't care about you personally. Both myself and other top earners within the Internet Marketing Industry are members of a high ranking trustworthy company. This company allows us up-to-date training, one on one coaching, webinars, and best of all targeted leads for our own personal primary businesses. All this while making extra money at the same time. Want to learn more click here. 

Becoming overwhelmed with information.
When first starting out it's safe to say that you are not an Internet Marketing "expert."  So what's the first thing that most newbies do? They search the web. While this can be useful for the most advanced marketers. This will be confusing and misleading to you. It's just too much information being thrown at you. This is especially true due to the fact that every marketer has their own path to success, their own way of how they made it to success. Some examples may include marketing through Social Networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc...), writing blogs, writing articles, affiliate marketing, etc..... When overloaded with so much information you are set up for failure. You close the book and move onto another chapter in your life leaving Internet Marketing behind. Being a member of the training course which I am involved with I don't have to worry about this. I get all the training I need in one place. Written in plain English. Easy to follow easy to understand. Best of all if I still have questions I get right on the phone with my mentor and he guides me through everything I need to know. Having such a great mentor over the years and building that trust and friendship, we are now partner coaches that help others to succeed. Want to know more???????

For any product and or service that you invest in make sure you are getting adequate support for your questions and a money back guarantee.
This again is where you need your blinders up to garbage. It's amazing how many companies will hype themselves up so much to get you to buy what could be garbage. This can result in a waste of your time and money, setting you back further from your goals in making money online. Don't waste your time with this click here to learn how you can get the best training, make extra money and start for only a $1.00. Full money back guarantee, one on one training and so much more.  

The newbies that fail to take action right away.
When I first started my journey in Internet Marketing, I cut myself short of earning money right away. I searched and searched for all the free training and education I could find pertaining to starting my own business online. I spent months flooding myself with useless, endless information. It got so bad that I opted into hundred's of websites to obtain free information which ended up in thousands of emails a week. I had a hard drive that was full of every marketer's "key" to success. Just as I was going to give up I met my mentor and coach Josh Paiva. He introduced me to a program that offered all the training I was seeking, targeted lead generation, endless resources, and best of all I called him 24/7 for any problems or questions that I had. Josh was such an inspiration to me that I immediately joined for a $1.00 and became a success within three weeks. I now work along side Josh as an Internet Marketing Coach to help others to achieve their dreams of making money online. While we think that we can do things on our own remember this "We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone- we find it with another."-Thomas Merton

Don't let yourself be the 85% that doesn't even attempt to take the first step to making money online. And please, please do not be the 97% that takes the leap but fails.
  • An economist by the name of Paul Zane Pilzer said, "Between the years of 2006 & 2016, the network marketing industry will produce 10 million new millionaires. " 
  • Donald Trump said, "Knowing what he knows now, if he had a chance to do it all over again he would have started by doing network marketing."
So I ask you, are you going to be one of those new millionaires??
Come join Josh, Myself and many others who have taken the most important step in making your online business succeed. Click here to join.
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