October 3, 2009

The Oppurtunity All America's Talking About

Evolv is a new life sciences company that has created a compelling product tested by The University of Texas MD Anderson Center in Houston. The company is launching its product via a direct sales model. This creates an opportunity for you, me and those we know to join as first-movers, ahead of others, before the company actually launches.

Once you learn about Evolv and get excited about the opportunity, I think you will want to Pre-Enroll. Pre-enrolling is free, just takes a minute and will position you into the system instantly.

To find out more about Evolv, please visit my personal website: http://lindsaya.myevolv.biz. You will find videos and information on Evolv, the product and the business opportunity. Once enrolled, you will also be emailed a personal Welcome Message and a customized version of this email to send to your friends and potential enrollees.

Have questions call me 805-291-2216

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