September 30, 2009

Anxiety Over Social Networking Sites

While many people are taking advantage of the Social Networking Sites that are out there, there are some people that are fearful. According to Power Reviews and E-Tailing Group Reviews done in the earlier part of September 2009 some brands are hesitant to give into Social Media. They are hesitant because they fear their competence. They also fear that other potential prospects might find social sites more engaging then the actual brand site. If this is your fear check your competitors and make yourself a better site.
To miss out on Facebook and Twitter to name a few would be closing your eyes or better yet shutting the doors to profitable leads. Since this is where the most traffic is headed you need to get in there. Check out to see the top visited sites. You will see the Social Networking Sites ranking in the top 20. These sites will benefit you in so many ways: spur word of mouth, increases engagement, build brand loyalty, etc..
The biggest barrier standing in between these disbelievers is the misinterpretation of these Social Media/Networking Sites. The belief that Social Networking Sites are a waste of time or meant for teens. The fact is that Social Networking is the new thing and will remain the new thing for quite awhile. So instead of denying yourself this, jump aboard. Take advantage of your key to success. The fact is Social Networking through Social Media Sites is the next "BIG" thing. This allows you to generate potential targeted leads to your business with minimal work.

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