September 27, 2009

The Secret To Generating Leads

The Number One Key To YOUR Success On The Internet, Is Leads. So Know The Question Is How Do I Generate Leads? The Fact Is Is That 97% Of People Fail To Make Money On The Internet Because They Don't Understand The Importance Of Generating Leads Through Social Networking. According To, Some Of The Top Sites Being Searched Right Now Are: 

Google (Search Engine Ranking At #1)
Facebook (Social Networking Site Ranking In At #2)
Yahoo (Search Engine Ranking In At #3)
YouTube (Social Networking Site Ranking In At #4)
MySpace (Social Networking Site Ranking In At #11)

As You Can See Social Networking Is HUGE. While Page Ranking Is Important On Search Engine Sites Such As Google, Yahoo, etc... Social Networking Is The Key To Your Success. Many Use PPC Advertising To Position Themselves On The Top Of These Search Engines. However, Unless You Know Exactly What You Are Doing This Can Be Extremely Difficult, Time Consuming, and Expensive.  A Simple And Effective Way To Go Around This Is Social Networking. Social Networking Will Not Only Allow You To Be More Personal With Your Potential Prospects, Generate Leads Faster And More Accurately, It Will Also Help you To Achieve Your Page Ranking In Yahoo, Google, etc...  Without Having To Use PPC Advertising. 
Now It Comes Down To How To Effectively Use These Social Networking Sites. Is Key And By Far The Most Important Social Networking Site To Your Success In Generating Leads To Making Money Online. Although This Is Not One Of The Top Rated Sites On Alexa It Is The Most Valuable. Here Is A Simple Way To Look At It:
Examples Of Generating Leads:
Email- While emailing can be effective, you can only send so many emails to each person a day without spamming them. Eventually you send so emails to one person they will block or unsubscribe to your emails.  
Buying Leads-this can be very expensive and is not personal. These leads are given to you by email addresses and again you can only send so many emails to each person a day without spamming them.Which eventually leads to them blocking or cancel their subscription to you. 
PPC Advertising- There are many problems associated with this method: Extremely Difficult, Time Consuming, and Expensive. This too is very impersonal.
Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, MySpace,etc... These sites are used in many different ways. One of which is promoting your business and generating leads if done appropriately without spamming. This sites have rules for spamming and if you don't follow these rules and promote your business to much they will remove you from these sites.
Twitter- Allows you to direct traffic to all of your sites. Example: your website, your affiliate linked website, your other social sites (Facebook, Myspace, etc..) This site is the only social networking site that allows you to post hundred of posts a day. And Again if done appropriately you will generate leads faster then any other generating lead options out there. 
I will show you how to use each of these sites to your benefit and generate your leads to make you money online. Most importantly focusing on 

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