November 24, 2009

Interested In Making Money Online????

Rob Hukezalie
Chief Operating Officer, Chews-4-Health
  • A highly accomplished professional with more than 23 years of international operational, financial and general management business development experience in network marketing.
  • Successfully built from scratch and managed 6 European markets (countries), and a central distribution and multi-lingual call center in Shannon, Ireland.
  • Has been responsible for field and business development for one of the world's oldest and largest networks.
  • Understands the Entrepreneurial spirit first-hand, as he founded and managed a nutritional and skin care MLM business that was sold in 1999 to a $750 million NASDAQ company.
  • Owned a successful network marketing consulting company with an impressive list of international clients and has developed new markets in Russia, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, Brazil, Scandinavia, Australia, Canada and South East Asia.
  • A member in Good Standing of the Canadian and Ontario Certified General Accountants and also holds Accounting and Stationary Engineering degrees.
The “WHY?”
    First, ask yourself: 
    • Why am I here?
    • What’s my motivation?
    • What do I want?
    • What am I willing to sacrifice?
Listen to the Experts!
Robert Kiyosaki: "Network Marketing gives millions of people throughout the world the opportunity to take control of their lives and their financial future.”  

Warren Buffet:   Widely regarded as the smartest investor on the planet and second wealthiest man in the Unites States.  Owns 3 Network Marketing companies. 

Why Network Marketing
Richard Branson: Visionary of the Virgin Group of Companies, owns network marketing company Virgin V (UK) Cosmetics
Why a Chewable?
      • Doesn’t need to be refrigerated
      • Doesn’t need to be taken with water
      • Small enough to fit in your Pocket/Purse
      • Easy to travel with
      • Digestion Begins in the Mouth
      • Chewing breaks down the supplement and the digestive enzymes assimilate the ingredients into your body
      • Cost Effective
      • Retail Price ONLY $44.95 for one month’s supply
      • Wholesales for as low as $30.00
      • Contains no Chemical Preservatives or Stabilizers

First-to-Market Product
The First and Only
  • Super Fruit
  • Sea Vegetable
  • Antioxidant
  • Chewable
 On The Planet!
Super Fruits
      • Polysaccharides
      • Amino Acids
      • More Beta Carotene than carrots
      • More  Vitamin C than oranges
      • Vitamins B1, B2, B6, E
      • Essential fatty acids
      • Trace Minerals and Proteins
  • Antioxidants
  • Xanthones
      • Vitamins B and E
      • Iron, Calcium
      • Fiber  (colon health)
      • Protein
      • Amino Acids
      • Omega 3, 6, 9 (fatty acids)
      • Phytosterols
      • Macronutrients: protein,  fiber
      • Micronutrients: Vitamin C, A, Calcium,
      • Potassium, Niacin, Sodium 
      • Phytochemicals: polysaccharides, glycosides, etc.
Sea Vegetables
  • Kelp
  • Bladderwrack
  • Dulse
  • Nori
  • Benefits
      • 70+ Vitamins & Minerals
      • Natural “de-tox”
      • Natural “fat burner”
      • Natural “iodine”
      • Alkalinizes
NO Salt
NO Pasteurization
NO Artificial Sweeteners and Flavors
NO MSG Ingredients
NO Unnatural Preservatives
NO Hydrogenated Ingredients
NO Excitotoxins
NO Trans Fat
NO Pesticides
NO Meat Products
NO Animal Products
NO Artificial Colors/Dyes
NO Irradiation
NO Watered Down Ingredients 

The Missing Ingredients
Guaranteed Quality
Chews-4-Health realizes that how the product is made is just as important as the ingredients that make the product. 
The manufacturer of Chews-4-Health has earned an “A” rating from the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification Program—one of very few to hold this distinction.
This nationally mandated GMP standing assures Chews-4-Health’s commitment to bring you the highest quality ingredients and the most stringent standards in the industry.
New Product Coming in 2010!
A supplement to help support your WEIGHT LOSS goals…

    • Burns fat
    • Increases metabolism
    • Curbs appetite
    • Helps maintain energy
    • Chocolate flavor!
Product Formulator
    Dr. David Friedman
    • Health Expert for Lifetime Television’s “The Balancing Act”
    • Chiropractor and former teacher of Neurology
    • Post Graduate Certified in Nutrition
    • Author of three books, including “Understanding the Nervous System”
    • Post-Doctorate Certification from Harvard Medical School
    • Has appeared on National Radio and Television
    • Best-selling CD, “America’s Unbalanced Diet”, has been heard by over one million people
  • First-to-market product
  • Home-based business that can provide financial independence
  • A national advertising campaign that brands your business FOR YOU
  • Industry-leading compensation plan with 5 ways to generate income
  • Team approach to HELP you grow your business

Why Choose “Chews?”
5 Ways to Generate Income
  1. Profit from 50% Mark-up on Retail Sales
  2. Fast Start Bonus
  3. Two-Infinity Compensation
  4. Match “Two-Infinity” Bonus
  5. National Co-Op Marketing Program
1.  Retail Profit
  • Purchase at $30/box
      • Retails for $44.95
      $14.95 profit per box!
  • Retail profits through:  
      • Person-to-Person sales
      • Website sales
2.  Fast Start Bonus
    Allows new Team Members to be in a “break-even” position within the first 30 days!
If you are on a 6-pack Autoship, and sign up a new Team Member who purchases…
A Business Builder Pack…  your Fast Start Bonus = $120!
A Value Pack…   your Fast Start Bonus = $60!
An Economy Pack…  your Fast Start Bonus = $30!

You ALSO qualify for a Fast Start Bonus by being on a     
1-pack or 3-pack Autoship!  It’s THAT EASY!

Contest Going on NOW!
Fall Fast Start Bonus Contest
1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

    Highest Fast Start from   October 1, 2009, to  January 1, 2010  
        Receives ONE year qualified (6-Pack)!   A six pack will be sent automatically (Trimulean and Chews-4-Health combo), and you are qualified for 12% commission.   $4,000 retail value (includes shipping)
        Receives  SIX MONTHS qualified (6-Pack)! A six pack will be sent automatically (with Trimulean and Chews-4-Health), and you are qualified for 12% commission.   $2,000 retail value (includes shipping)
         Receives THREE MONTHS qualified (6-Pack)!  A six pack will be sent automatically (with Trimulean and Chews-4-Health), and you are qualified for 12% commission.  $1,000 retail value (includes shipping)  
3.  Two-Infinity Compensation
    • Enroll 2-10 new Team Members below you
    • Each new Team Member must purchase either an Economy Pack, Value Pack or Business Building Pack
    • Each team member must also maintain just 20 CV monthly (that's just 1 box of product or 1 sample box per month).
    You earn commissions from Team Members below you:
    • If you are on a 1-pack Autoship, you earn 4% of their volume
    • 3-pack Autoship, you earn 8%
    • 6-pack Autoship, you earn 12%

4.  Match Two-Infinity Bonus
    Each week, you will receive a “matching bonus”:
      • 6% on each of  your Top 2 Personal Enrollees 
      • PLUS 12% on each additional Personal Enrollee
      • PLUS  6%  on each of your Personal Enrollees’ Top 2
      • PLUS  6%  on each of the Top 2s below them
      and so on “TO INFINITY!”  …  
Building Your “Two Infinity” Team
We’re Advertising On…
5.  National Co-Op Marketing

    Our unique NCM helps grow your business for you!

        • New members are added to your organization for you!  Builds commissions in your Two-Infinity structure!

NCM Adds New Wholesale Members For You

Team Member not in NCM

Wholesale Member

  • More people below you receiving WMs = More commissions for you, every month!
  • WMs convert to TMs = Potential Fast Start Bonus, PLUS commissions on all their future volume and future enrollees!


Why Join the NCM ?
    • Have celebrities like Jerome Bettis, Stephen Baldwin, Suzanne Somers, Marilu Henner and others, talking about YOUR business, for only $100/month!

  • Makes initial contact EASY
    • “Chews-4-Health?  I’ve heard about that on TV!  What is it?”
  • Earn commissions on Wholesale Members:
        • Team Bonuses
        • Matching Top 2 Bonuses
        • Fast Start Bonuses
Chews-4-Health International
Beginning 2010, Chews-4-Health will be sold in Europe!!
    • Sweden
    • Denmark
    • Finland
    • Netherlands
    • Norway

    THEN on to…
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy...
    AND MORE! 
Success is as Simple as…
Become a Team Member
    Buy an Economy Pack:
  • ONLY $89.90
  • 2 boxes of product
  • Ability to buy wholesale for all future orders

    Buy a Value Pack:
  • $179.80
  • 4 boxes of product
  • 1 Sample Pack
  • 1 best-selling cd
  • Ability to buy wholesale for all future orders

3 Enrollment Options…


Buy a Business Builder Pack:
  • $399.00
  • 12 boxes of product
  • 1 Sample Pack
  • 8 best-selling cds
  • Ability to buy wholesale for all future orders
Membership Includes
    • The opportunity to sell retail and keep the profits (a 50% mark-up!)
    • Chews-4-Health full color brochures and sample packs
    • Participation in the “Two-Infinity” compensation plan
    • A personalized e-commerce Chews-4-Health website
    • A Personal Business Tracking Website to access:
      • Weekly profit and commission reports
      • Genealogy reports
      • Auto-responders
      • Lead generations
      • Contest participation
      • Exclusive marketing tools
      • Conference calls
    • A true business of your own, with a Team Effort
  • Order  either a 1, 3 or 6-Pack per month
      • The more you buy, the deeper the discount:
     1-Pack = $39.00
           3-Pack = $34.50
           6-Pack = $30.00
  • Set up an Autoship Profile
      • Automatically ships your order monthly
      • Easily adjusts to suit your growing business
      • Ensures you don’t miss out on your earned commissions!

Order Monthly Autoship
Order Monthly Autoship
CHEWS” Your Paycheck
   $200/ month
   $1,000/ month
   $5,000/ month
   $$$$$$/ month


At Chews-4-Health…
Your Start-Up Objectives
    Build Relationships
    Help People Feel Better
What’s My Next Move?
Talk to the person who invited you to this meeting:
      1. Enroll
      2. Sign up for Autoship
      3. Qualify for commissions by “enrolling 2”
Your Mission

  • Use the Product
  • Share the Product
  • Share the Opportunity
Thank You!
    Thank you for investing in your Chews-4-Health business by learning the Basics to Success   
Let’s partner for YOUR Success!

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